Ellery Langer

Ellery is a pediatric stroke survivor. She was born in February 2012, 3-1/2weeks early due to complications during pregnancy. She had suffered multiple strokes and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Ellery is tube-fed, nonverbal, and unable to walk without assistance. However, she is very mobile. Ellery is able to use her right hand and arm to scoot herself across the floor or pull herself to standing, can walk either with the assistance of a walker or a hand to hold. She is a very happy girl, often seen with the biggest smile on her face. Ellery enjoys playing with her friends and loves her brother and sister very much. And they love her back. Rowen and Avery enjoy making Ellery laugh so loud by "spinning like helicopters." When Ellery isn't feeling well, they know just how to cheer her up. Ellery loves water activities, and enjoys playing in a pool or going on waterslides. In the races, she enjoys the wind in her face, the bumps on the road, and giving out a big scream and as people pass by.