Ellery's Bike/Running Cart

“Goddess of many things, including wisdom, courage, strength, and inspiration.”

Ellery's chariot is a cart inspired by the father-son duo, Dick and Rick Hoyt of Team Hoyt. In fact, it was manufactured by the same company that makes the Hoyt's carts, Southbridge Tool & Manufacturing in Dudley, Massachusetts. Through Ryan Hivde of Velovas, the carts paint scheme and design were to represent Ellery best. We chose purple to represent Ellery's birthstone (February is amethyst), pediatric stroke awareness, and the DeForest school colors. Butterflies have many meanings, including endurance, change, hope, and life. We chose a butterfly for Ellery's symbol because it represents her freedom to move, and they are beautiful and transforming. Butterflies have a light feeling and are not weighted down.